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How to teach a dog the command "Come to me"?

The command "Come to me" is considered one of the most important, and every dog ​​should be trained in it - both a shepherd, a Labrador, and a Yorkie. When teaching the command "Come to me" does not require strong emotional or physical pressure on the dog, so puppies can be taught this command from 1.5 months.

So, how do you teach a dog the “Come to me” command? It is best to start training at home or in a quiet outdoor location so that no background noise will distract your pet. At the beginning of the training, it is recommended to take someone from your acquaintances with you who will help you in training.

If you have a puppy, then ask the helper to take him in his arms, if you are an adult dog, then just hold him by the leash. Then give the dog a treat from your hands and praise. Next, ask your friend to carry or take the dog to a distance of up to 1-2 meters (it is better for the assistant to move back so that the dog does not lose sight of you). Then he should put the dog on the ground facing you. If the animal rushes to you, the helper must hold him.

Now command "Come to me!" and pat yourself on the thigh with your hand. At this time, your friend must release the dog so that it can run towards you. If the dog doesn't walk, then squat down and show him the treat. When the dog runs up, encourage him and praise him very actively. Then repeat the exercise 3-4 more times and take a break. More interesting articles yyou can find on the website.

Usually dogs learn the exercise very quickly, so after 1-2 days you can increase the distance and bring it up to 5 meters (use a long leash for this). Also, start stroking the approaching dog before giving him a treat - this way you will teach him to be handled (the dog will understand - if the name is called, then for a reason). You can pretend that you are examining the paw or muzzle, but never do anything unpleasant to the dog. In this case, the ironing time should not exceed 3 seconds.

Continue practicing the "Come to Me" command on walks and call the dog every 10-15 minutes to hone the skill. Be sure to pet and reward your pet when it comes up. At first, it is not recommended to call your dog if it is busy with something, since it is unlikely to listen to you.

Work with the dog every day and over time, make the exercise more difficult - enter the command “Sit” when approaching, as well as increase the distance and change the environment so that the dog learns to approach on command in any situation.


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