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Vinyl record holder

The best Way to Store old Vinyl Records and Books

Vinyl records are classics, and true connoisseurs of good music still prefer them. They are packed in beautiful envelopes that can become an integral part of your home decor. Multiple products need to be stored in special vinyl record holders http://top-choice.shop/vinyl-record-holder, which can save your space and create beautiful home decor.

There are several solutions for convenient and compact storage of records. The most popular of them are:

  • frames;
  • vinyl record holders in the form of racks;
  • cabinets and shelves;
  • desktop boxes.

This will protect vinyl from premature deterioration. Remember to keep your storage record upright. Shelves are great for this. If you put LPs in stacks one on top of the other, then they can quickly deform, and you won’t be able to listen to your favorite player's albums anymore.


This is an easy and affordable way to place your vinyl records on the wall. Regular photo frames of the appropriate size will do. So you can create an unusual design in your room, placing a beautiful display of envelopes in holders, like real paintings.

If you constantly use your selected book-records, each time you will have to remove your frame from the wall and pull out the albums to listen. Therefore, it is best to store those records on the wall that you don’t need every day.


Special holder stands are used for storage of about 80 vinyl lp. They look very stylish and attractive. They are made of natural wood and can be painted in any shade – black, silver, or white. Environmentally friendly material will not release toxic substances into the air, so they can be placed in any part of your house, even in the nursery.

For additional strengthening of the structure, metal or copper is used. In some stands, you can stand books one by one, and there are models that allow you to classify vinyl records thanks to intermediate dividers. You can decorate your product using glass or plastic partitions. Racks are wall-mounted or floor-mounted.

Desktop vinyl record holder

Many albums offer beautiful artwork that everyone wants to show off. That’s why it is worth choosing a stand as your vinyl record holder. An organizer is a functional element that can be placed on your desk. Accessories made of wood or metal perfectly complement the interior.

Compact stands for albums are a metal structure that can contain small dividers. This means that you can put up to 5-10 records on each division of your stand. This way you can place the most interesting and frequently listened records closer to you, and the less popular ones a little further. Some containers are designed to be stored without separation.

Cabinets and shelves

A stylish cabinet holder made of natural wood, which can contain tens or hundreds of vinyl records, will be a great addition to your interior. You can place additional decor elements on its shelves.

You can use functional furniture as a small cabinet with storage compartments at the bottom. Thanks to the holders, your vinyl records will not fall off, and you can stand up and take an album out of your shelf with comfort whenever you need it http://top-choice.shop.


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